Suffolk Regiment

Victoria Cross Holders

A number of men have won The Victoria Cross while serving with the Suffolk Regiment, but only two of them were Suffolk Regiment soldiers:

No 3/10133 Sgt Arthur Frederick Saunders, 9th (Service) Battalion, was awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry at Loos on 26 September, 1915. 'For most conspicuous bravery. When his officer had been wounded in the attack he took charge of two machine guns and a few men and, although severely wounded in the thigh, closely followed the last four charges of another battalion and rendered every possible support. Later when the remains of the battalion which he had been supporting had been forced to retire, he stuck to one of his guns, continued to give clear orders, and by his continuous firing did his best to cover the retirement'.

No 15092 Cpl Sidney James Day, 11th (Service) Battalion, was awarded the Victoria Cross for most conspicuous bravery, on 26 August 1917. 'Cpl Day successfully commanded a bombing section detailed to clear enemy trenches, killing two and taking four prisoners. Where the trench was levelled, he went on alone to contact flanking troops. On his return, a stick-bomb fell into the trench where there were five wounded. He seized the bomb and threw it out, where it exploded harmlessly, saving the lives of the wounded. He completed the clearing of the trench and remained in an advanced position for sixty-four hours under constant fire. His conduct throughout was an inspiration to all'.

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