Regimental Marches

The only quickstep known to have been in use by 1st Battalion The Suffolk Regiment is 'Speed The Plough' and, that of the Reserve Battalion, prior to 1858 (played on their fifes and drums, as they had no band), was 'The Duchess.

On the formation of the 2nd Battalion, the German Bandmaster (Herr Richs) introduced, as a quickstep, a German march (name forgotten), which was disliked.

This continued until Colonel Ponsonby assumed command in 1863, when he changed it to 'Milanollo' the quickstep of The Coldstream Guards, which was followed for periods by 'The Men of Harlech', 'The Dashing White Sergeant', and 'The White Cockade'.

At Colonel Ponsonby's death in 1868 'The Duchess' was introduced as a marchpast by Major Espinasse, and continued in use until about 1898, when it was changed to 'Speed The Plough', in order that the First and Second Battalions should be alike.

Since that time 'Speed The Plough' has been the Regimental March of all Battalions and, amalgamated with 'Rule Britannia' now forms the Regimental March of 1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment.

Speed the Plough

The Duchess

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