The following websites have all been chosen as they either have a link to The Suffolk Regiment or will be of use to anyone researching regimental history or individual soldiers. Please feel free to add a link to our website from your own:

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The CWGC website is an invaluable source of information on all those soldiers, sailors and airmen killed in the two world wars. There is also accurate information on how to visit each cemetery as well as a wealth of information about the activities of the CWGC themselves.

The Army Museums Ogilby Trust

AMOT have an excellent website providing information on all regimental and military museums. There is an excellent feature run by Victor Sutcliffe which features bibliographies for each regiment - follow the Book Search link from the website.

The Suffolk Regiment OCA, Hemel Hempstead Branch

The Hemel Hempstead Branch have embraced modern technology and have a website which features many articles and features as well as a Guest Page.

The Suffolk Regiment in The Great War

This web page is a very useful overview of the service of the Regiment during The Great War. It is not comprehensive but will certainly give approximate information at a glance.

Resource Guide - The 11th Battalion, The Suffolk Regiment (1914-19)

Phil Curme's excellent website dedicated to the 11th (Service) Battalion - the 'Cambs Suffolks'.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council

This Borough's website features a page on The Suffolk Regiment.

Les Amis du Suffolk Regiment

The site of the Friends of The Suffolk Regiment based in Colleville Montgomery, Normandy. Les Amis has restored the bunker complex known as 'Hillman' which was captured by 1/SUFFOLK on D-Day.

The Royal Anglian Regiment

Website of The Royal Anglian Museum which also features a page on The Suffolk Regiment.

Great War Order of Battle for The Suffolk Regiment

A concise list of all Suffolk Battalions including the Brigades and Divisions to which they were attached.

Forces Reunited - The Suffolk Regiment

Based on the hugely popular Friends Reunited website, this page features former Suffolk Regiment soldiers who are seeking out old comrades.

Sergeant Arthur Frederick Saunders, VC

A website dedicated to one of the only two Suffolk Regiment soldiers to be awarded the Victoria Cross. Produced by a relative of Sgt Saunders, this website is a tribute to him.

The Cambridgeshire Regiment

Cambridgeshire Geneology's useful website gives an excellent guide to the Cambridgeshire Regiment who were very much part of the Suffolk Regiment 'family'.

The National Malaya & Borneo Veterans Association

Website of the NMBVA which features a list of Suffolks amongst their membership:

The Suffolk Army Cadet Force

Suffolk ACF website featuring pieces on their connection with The Suffolk Regiment, Minden Roses and Suffolk Victoria Crosses.

1/Suffolk on D-Day

Webpage telling the story of the part played by 1/Suffolk on 6th June, 1944.

Suffolk Family History Society

The SFHS website has many very useful contacts for anyone researching family history.

List of men from Cambridge, killed in the Boer war, and listed on War Memorials

Many men from Cambridge served in The Suffolk Regiment and The Cambridgeshire Regiment. For the rest of the men listed on the memorials who all served in The Suffolk Regiment, follow this link:

Seringapatam, 1799

The 12th regiment played a major pary in the battle and this website features, amongst other important information, the Army List of officers for 1799.

Battlefields of The Somme - Official Website

Paul Reed's excellent website covering virtually everything you need to know about the Battle of The Somme.

The Imperial War Museum

The website of the Imperial War Museum.

The National Army Museum

Situated in Chelsea, London, this museum holds a superb collection of uniforms, equipment and artifacts covering the British Army from its formation to the present day.

The Royal Norfolk Regiment Museum

The Royal Norfolk Regiment amalgamated with The Suffolk Regiment in 1959 to form 1st Battalion, 1st East Anglian Regiment; later 1st battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment (Norfolk and Suffolk).

The Western Front Association

The WFA is widely regarded as a first-class example of an historical interest group, with some of its members acting as subject-matter experts for TV, publications, tours, and education. In addition to the publication of two excellent journals, they organise many different events for both the public and for their members.

Khaki Devil Limited

Khaki Devil were responsible for many parts of the new display in the Suffolk Regiment Museum; in particular the new weapons display. They supply uniforms, equipment and weapons to film, television and theatre productions and make replica uniforms, equipment and weapons for museums, living history and re-enactment groups too.

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