Suffolk Facts

* The 1/SUFFOLK were the last Battalion to leave Jerusalem in 1947 - almost exactly 30 years since Sir Edmund Allenby had captured the city in 1917

* The two regular battalions (1/SUFFOLK and 2/SUFFOLK) only met up three time in their long history

* Brigadier Backhouse, the penultimate Colonel of The Regiment, was captured in both world wars; at Le Cateau in August, 1914 and, again, at Singapore in February, 1942

* The famous song, 'Lilibularo' was written by an officer of the XIIth Regiment

* 1/SUFFOLK were the most successful bandit-hunters during the Mayalan Campaign with a total of 196 'kills'

* 142 Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, (formerly 7/SUFFOLK) were the first British Regiment to use Churchill Tanks in action

* Tippoo Sultan, 'The Tiger of Mysore' was killed during the Battle of Seringapatam by a private soldier of the XIIth Regiment

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